Intricate simplicity that will promote an interactive
and active community lifestyle — That's our vision.

The Parks at Raiford Crossing is everything we ever wanted in a development, and we're sure it will be everything you want as well. From the beginning, we've sought to create a community that embodies every aspect of community, family, lifestyle, culture and so much more. Now it's becoming a reality, and we invite you to come and explore this interactive and active community. Subdivisions are made to find a house. The Parks is a place where you will find a home and a community. So grab a cup of coffee or an ice-cold glass of tea, and get ready to enjoy what we like to call the "front porch lifestyle."

The Parks is a culturally and lifestyle-inclusive community with a multigenerational concept. Singles, families with kids, empty nesters and everyone in between will all find a home. You will have the opportunity to choose from three different housing options that cover every life phase.

Find Your harmony
at home

This new concept was created to provide safety, promote activity and foster community. It comes together to provide residents with a uniquely new living experience that you just won't find anywhere else.

Find Your Home

The Neighborhood

Arcadia Reality began this mission with the City of Carrollton in 2012. City officials were looking for a development that would act as a catalyst for updating development standards as we know them. Arcadia was immediately on board and ready to begin the journey.

The process began with extensive research into the tangible and intangible factors that enable subdivisions to evolve into active communities. Together, we looked at everything—pricing, housing style, amenities and proximity to retail, as well as ways to create a safe, community atmosphere for families.

Arcadia took the insight from the joint research effort and created a community development that you just won't find anywhere else — The Parks at Raiford Crossing.


Arcadia Realty Corp. is a Dallas-based company specializing in the development of mixed-use, master-planned communities. The company was founded in 1991 in response to the need for high-quality residential communities targeted toward the production builder. In 1995, Arcadia expanded its activities to include the development of mixed-use and high-end residential communities.

Since its inception, the company has developed 30 residential and mixed-use communities in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio. Arcadia has experienced excellent financial results in all of its ventures and has developed a strong reputation among its lenders and investors.

Arcadia is owned and operated by John Hodge and Bill Gietema, who are supported by an excellent staff of professionals and consultants. The Arcadia team has extensive experience in all aspects of land and mixed-use development. Arcadia's mission is to remain one of the premier development firms in DFW while setting the industry standard for quality, innovation and customer service.